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Features of Alloys

Alloy Corrosion Weldability Anodizing Advantage Application
1050 Good Very good Suitable for anodising Good workability Signs, coverings, façade panels
3103/3003 Good Good Protective anodising Good workability 20% higher strength than alloy 1100, gutter, insulation
3004 Very good Good Good Good workability and good weldability Pressure container; machine parts; duct; the parts for lamps and lanterns.
3005 Very good Very good Good Good workability Air conditioner, refrigerator, aluminum composite panel; 20% higher than 3003 tensile strength
5005 Good Good Very good For decorative anodizing Well suitable for decorative anodising
5052 Good Good Protective anodising Good workability Circle, insulation, platform for wind tower, toolbox, shipbuilding
5754 Very good Very good Good Corrosion resistant Shipbuilding and tank industries; containers, machine parts; platform for wind tower
5083 Very good Very good Protective anodising Corrosion resistant; medium strength Shipbuilding and tank industries; for moulds in plastic and furniture industries; machine parts
6061/6082 Good Very good Good Corrosion resistant Engineering and tooling industries; used where demands for tensile strength are high

1. By using an advanced nitrogen annealing furnace, our product has no oil patch on the surface.
2. To control the plate type, we use instruments made by Siemens in Germany and ABB in Sweden in the cold-rolling equipment. We have a stretcher which can stretch 3000 tons and can keep the largest thickness to 180mm.
3. To ensure the quality of our products, we test the product by sampling at different positions and procedures, such as the smelting furnace, static furnace, cold-rolling equipment, etc. To ensure the alloy content can reach international standard like ASTM, EN, JIS, we test the coil by sampling from the head, tail and middle part of the coil.

Mingtai is an ISO900:2008 certified rolled aluminum manufacturer and supplier, based in China. Our products include aluminum coil, aluminum sheet, aluminium slit coil, coated aluminum coil, aluminum strip, 5 bar aluminum tread plate, and embossed aluminum sheet, etc. Our location in Zhengzhou City, provides us with easy access to convenient transportation, which reduces our transportation cost, enabling us to offer quality aluminum products at economical prices. For more information, please contact us via email or at the contact addresses available on this website.